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About four years ago, I had started a blog that didn’t last very long. It contained two posts that I might reproduce at some point in the future about my experiences prior to and after going on Hajj, the piligrimage to Mecca, in 2005. That was also around the same time that I had started working as a University Chaplain for NYU and Executive Director of its Islamic Center. At that time I thought I could manage a blog but it ended up getting lost in the mix as I tried to figure out what exactly being a Chaplain meant.

(Heres a video from when I first started out.  For anyone who wants to tell me that I am “healthier” these days, I know that I’ve put on a few pounds.  So thanks. Jerks :))

These days, I am getting ready to start my fifth year working at NYU. I’ve been working for a little more than two years as a Chaplain for the NYPD as well, worked a year at Princeton University, have traveled throughout the country and to other parts of the world, and am still trying to figure out what my life is about. But I have learned a lot, alhamdulillah (Thank God), in these past few years and who I am today is a lot different from who I was when I first started this job.

Being in New York City has its advantages as people from all over the world walk through the doors of our Islamic Center and I get to sit, listen, and talk with almost everyone. Added to that my regular travels I am regularly given an opportunity to see firsthand how different every individual person’s life experiences can be. Each experience has helped me to shape a better understanding of who I am and also in turn helped me to better understand how others end up being who they are. Its those experiences that I want to share with you all.

This blog isn’t going to be about me – its going to be about the people I work with and work for. The great stories I get to hear, the issues that I see people face, the joys of seeing them take on and overcome those issues, the community that I’ve been blessed to be a part of and the various communities that I am even more blessed to see – these are the things that I want to share.

To anyone who might stop by, feel free to leave any thoughts, comments and criticisms. I am still learning how to work all the features out on here 🙂 so I apologize in advance for the sections that are yet to be completed.


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My name is Khalid Latif. I work as the Executive Director and Chaplain for the Islamic Center at New York University as well as a Chaplain for the NYPD, New York City Police Department.

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