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Like One Body: A Muslim’s Responsibility to the Ummah

Imam Zaid Shakir and Shaykh Yasir Qadhi will be at NYU this Thursday speaking at an event sponsored by one of our student groups, the United Muslim Association.  More details are below.   Do come by if you are in the area.  Dinner will be served and all proceeds go towards Islamic Relief’s Orphan Fund inshallah


Real Men Don’t Hit Women

I’ve been traveling a lot in the last few years of my life speaking to different communities both in the United States and abroad.  In at least the last two years of my travels, there hasn’t been a lecture or event that I’ve participated in that hasn’t introduced me to at least one young woman (and usually more) that has been abused in some way during her life and, subsequently, doesn’t know what to do about it.

Rape, molestation, beatings, verbal abuse, emotional distress, the issues continue on end.   In most instances, the hardest part of it all seemingly stems from the young woman being unable to find someone to speak to about it.    And so she will follow suit unknowingly to those who came before her and experienced similar abuses, left to talk only to herself.    Critical questions of why it happened to her in the first place now take on the form of self criticism, and in most instances the young girl will begin to blame herself for everything that has happened.    Why did my husband hit me?  Why did my uncle take advantage of me?  Why did my husband cheat on me?  Why did that boy end up not marrying me after having an intimate relationship with me?  Perhaps it is my fault and I deserve it.

As a Muslim man, I can say its already difficult enough to understand how to be Muslim in the context of the United States.   I think its also important for us to acknowledge that most of us haven’t grown up being taught how to be men.   If you are a man and you are reading this, at no point in time should you ever think its ok to hit a woman.

I spoke at the University of Pennsylvania on the topic of Dealing with Domestic Violence in the Muslim Community a couple of weeks ago.   You can hear some of my thoughts on the subject matter in the videos below.  Please do share with others if you think its worth it.   I’ll write something more in depth in the future.


Can’t Take it with you: Photographs of Muslims in America 2002 – 2009



ISNU Eid Dinner

I am going to be in Boston tonight at Northeastern University for those of you who are in the area.

I know these last couple of posts have been somewhat weak but inshallah I’ll start being more consistent in posting starting this weekend.


Domestic Violence in the Muslim Community – UPenn Lecture

I am speaking tonight at UPenn on Domestic Abuse in the Muslim Community.   For any of you in the Philly area, details are as follows:


NYPD Reaches Out To Muslim Community During Ramadan

WNYC radio recently ran a piece on the NYPD’s outreach to Muslims during the month of Ramadan that also featured an interview with Detective Ahmed Nasser, president of the NYPD’s Muslim Officers Society(MOS).  Some of you might remember him from the Newsweek Cover Story on Islam in America that we did a couple of years ago.  He’s in the bottom left hand corner.

You can check out the entire interview on WNYC’s homepage by clicking here

Detective Nasser and the MOS represent a few thousand Muslims that find themselves in the ranks of the New York City Police Department.   I’ve been working there as a Chaplain since April of 2007 and it’s been a really interesting and beneficial experience for me to say the least, alhamdulillah.   I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with very amazing and unique individuals mashallah who every day are striving in their own personal ways to help a broader American Society understand Islam a little bit better.    Stories and experiences like that of Detective Nasser’s are not only important for us to read and hear, but also important for us to share.  Please do pass on to your own networks and friends.


Response To Barack Obama’s Ramadan Message

I was interviewed by CNN about a week ago in regards to the message President Obama put out for Ramadan.  I know its a little late in going up 🙂  you can check it out below

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My name is Khalid Latif. I work as the Executive Director and Chaplain for the Islamic Center at New York University as well as a Chaplain for the NYPD, New York City Police Department.

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